Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 148.10

“Is that ethical?” Harold wanted his breakfast but felt compelled to stay. “I mean, given that we've just established how wrong it would be to save people from needless premature death.”

“Ethical? From a humanist point of view I would say it was. From a religious point of view? I don't know. We're not denying the souls entry into their chosen afterlife, merely delaying it for an extended period.” He made a three-point vocal exhalation that Harold took for ironic laughter. “Listen to me talking about souls and afterlives. A week ago I was a confirmed atheist and now look at me.”

Harold nodded sagely. “Meeting a demon and becoming a zombie generally changes one's belief system, I find.”

“So it seems. Also vampires, magicians, imps and little souls locked up in boxes.”

“What did you mean about deferring afterlives?”

“Entropy, Harold. Entropy.” He held up his hands and waggled his fingers. “Look at me, for example. However versatile this body, it will degrade in weeks if not days. I'll have to design and build something more efficient. Latex, for example, or steel. If I can work out how to hold a form, perhaps I'll be able to inhabit a liquid like the terminators from the later movies. As for the production models, we'll make them degrade in a limited time. Five years, say, so the owners will be forced to purchase replacement bodies and upgrades from us. At a vastly inflated price, obviously.” He grinned. “We'll be bigger than Microsoft.”

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