Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 149.02

“How can it be sexist to say it has a woman's voice?”

“You're ascribing a certain dynamic range to a gender. It's no different to ascribing a level of mathematical competence, an interest in science or an ability to play computer games.”

“It's not at all.” Harold yawned and rubbed specks of grit from his eyes. “The probability that a high pitched voice belongs to a woman is greater than point-five. I don't ascribe any of the other things you mentioned to a genetic type. Have you met Gillian? I think you have.”

“Does Gillian count?” Dill made several adjustments to his machine. “Being undead and all. What about Amanda? Do you think she'd be a brilliant mathematician? A biochemist? A genetics engineer? A secretary for a small firm of solicitors?”

“That's hardly fair. I don't know her. She was living in a poky flat in Chervil so I doubt she's a biochemist or engineer. She'd be living in luxury somewhere if she was.”

“I was living in a poky flat in Chervil, too, and I'm a genius.”

“You were a student and besides, by your own argument you don't count, anyway. You were undead when I met you, too.”

“As was Amanda.”

“True.” Harold frowned. “Christine Srebniak.”


“I was at school with her. She was consistently top of the class at maths and all three sciences. Went on to do something with nuclear fission.”

“She sounds like a terrorist.”

“No, she was cool. I used to be better than her at English, though.”

“And you probably had a higher pitched voice.”

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