Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 149.03

Harold frowned, trying to work out is this was an insult. He gave up. “Your computer's grown.”

“Well spotted. Yes. Your manservant was helping me upgrade it. It's amazing what you can build when money is no object.”

“You mean you've sent him out to steal components?” Harold looked around. One of his bookcases had been stacked in front of the other to make room of a six-foot high array of... something computer-y with lots of pipes and what looked suspiciously like an aquarium. “What's that, exactly?”

“It's a server array. It means we can host files from here and make a bit of money on the side. Enough to cover the upkeep costs, anyway.”

“I'm all for making money.” Harold pointed to a well known internet logo on the side of most of the equipment. “Do they know you've got it?”

“I shouldn't think so.” Russia went dakr for a few hours but I think everyone just assumed it was censorship again. I put out a fake news article about it and linked it to a story in the Moskovskaya Pravda about concern for internet pornography.”

That's what the internet is for.”

Not everyone sees it that way. Some people have linked internet porn to sexaul assaults.”

There have always been sexual assaults. Those sorts of people will cite any reason they can think of as justification for abuse. The district government of Mumbai called for a ban on lingerie-clad mannequins because they believed the knowledge of what women wore under their clothes would incite some men to commit assault. It didn't change the statistics, obviously. It did more damage, if anything, because it took away an image men could build fantasies on, causing them to look for the real thing.” Harold pointed at the aquarium. “What's that for?”

It's a water-cooled server array. You have to have a header tank so why not have fish in it. This way the aquarium cools the server and the server heats the aquarium.”

Impressive.” Harold lowered his voice. “So... Do we have porn on our server?”

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