Friday, June 7, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 149.04

Um...” Dill frowned. It was marvellous to watch the clay twist itself into new features. While Dill was a zombie, Harold had watched him practice expressions, working the muscles independently to achieve something approximating the desired expression and then consciously return his face to a neutral state. If he hadn't, he'd have been left with half a face still smiling, producing a rictus of horror (even more than the zombie face generated to begin with). Now a golem, Dill seemed to be reacting almost naturally to the expressions he associated with his emotional state which he wasn't able to do while encased in steel. Could a golem have emotions? Obviously so, depending upon a pliable material to begin with. What nightmares could rag doll golems engender? “Possibly. I don't know what was on the servers when Devious... ah... acquired them for me.”

If only we had a Denizen capable of reading raw data, eh?” Harold crossed the the bank of water-cooled hard drives, expecting to see the chunky three and a half inch drives he was used to, though these seemed to be thinner than even laptop drives.

Perhaps in the near future there'll be one.” Dill frowned again, the expression as fleeting as a summer cloud. “Actually, why not? Native Americans believed all things had a spirit, even man-made things, so why not a computer? The spirit of a computer would be able to see data in the air, I would have thought.”

Fascinating. Imagine the power one could wield. No secrets would be safe.” Harold tapped his lips with one finger. A plan was hatching.

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