Monday, June 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 150.03

“Besides, it's not sexist to call someone dozy.” White raised his voice to greet the constable. “DC Acton. What are you doing with a DA case?”

“Michael Grady and Mandy Cotman. We went to arrest him for that Laverstone Tech B&E and when we turned up they were at it hammers and tongs. By the time we used the big red key he'd slammed her face through the kitchen window and she'd stabbed him in the neck with the kitchen scissors. Not sure who started it by it was over a third party by the name of Maria-_”

“Stephanos. I know her well, but she's a working girl. I dubd she's got anything to do with the B&E.” White frowned. “What B&E at the Tech?”

“You were off on that mummified wife case, sir. There was a break-in at the computer lab and they had the whole lot stolen. Mickey's dabs were all over the scene and he still had the good in the back of his van. Doesn't do the college any good, mind, because they're all in evidence now but they can't claim on their insurance because we've recovered the stolen goods. They'll be without computers for the rest of the academic year.”

“Crime doesn't pay. Unfortunately, it's the victims who have to.”

“Isn't it always?” Acton smiled at Beryl and put her hand out. “You must be the long-suffering Mrs. White.”

“Call me Beryl, love. Everyone does.” They shook hands over the top of White's head. Looking up, he could see the fine golden hairs on Acton's arm. “I hope he's not giving you too many problems.”

“Nothing I can't handle.” She smiled and addressed him. “Good to see you released so soon, sir. I'll cancel the whip-round.”

“No need for hasty action, Constable.”

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