Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 150.04

“You want the whip-round?”

“Yes, but donate it to the children's ward.” Beryl took a card from her purse. “I chair the support group for the hospital, Pity for Pity's We're always looking for ways to increase social funding for the patient's comfort.”

Is that wise? The more you support the hospital with external funding the less they have to claim in funding from the government. It's self-defeating. The government looks at the hospital and says 'Look at the amount you're spendingon amenities. You don't need so much for your A&E department from up when you can stop supplitng gamepads to your children's ward.”

That's always the argument people use against funding, love.” Beryl's mouth tightened. “What people don't see it the policy documents that detail the increased streamlining of the supplies. The hospital gets a five percent increase in funding but the cost of gauze rises by ten. Without community support the hospital will close. How would you feel taking your DV couple all the way to Salisbury for treatment?”

Acton sighed. “I see your point. I'd like to see the figures but I don't really have the time right now. Not with the studying.”

Oh? Are you taking classes?”

A master's degree in criminology.”

Good for you.” Beryl looked down. “Did you hear that, Cameron. She's doing her master's degree.”

Yes, I know.” White's smile was terse. “I approved the funds.”White looked back at Acton's two charges. The woman seemed to be whispering to the man and he nodded in their direction. “Your couple seem to have resolved their differences.”

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