Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 150.05

Acton glanced back. She'll have convinced him not to press charges, you watch. It doesn't matter, though. We'll have him for the B&E and her for ABH.”

Beryl looked dismayed. “So they'll both go down?”

“With any luck. A year each, minimum.”

“Are there any children involved?”

“Yes.” Acton smiled briefly, an action which made her face soften for a fleeting moment. “Two. A four year old boy and an eighteen month girl.”

“Is there a family member to look after them or will they be taken into care?”

“Social Services already have them.” She looked at White. “Ms Peltzer took a personal interest.”

White wiped the tiredness from his face. “God bless Brenda Pelzer taking babbies away.”

Beryl looked from one on them to the other. “I'm missing something, aren't I?”

“We've been trying to get those kids away from them for the last six months but we could never actually prove neglect. Trust me, Mrs White. Being taken into care is the best thing for those kids.”

“I don't think so.” Beryl had a set to her eyes that White knew better than to argue with. “I don't think a child is ever better off without a parent.”

“If you met them I think you'd change your mind.”

“Anyway.” White clapped his hands on the arms of the wheelchair. “Time we were getting on, I think. Constable? Your charges are attempting to escape.”

“What?” DC Acton turned and dashed after her detainees, who were halfway to the door carrying the chairs they were handcuffed to. She stopped them by the convenient method of grabbing a chair leg, the momentum of which swung them around and caused them to fall over. whereupon Michael Grady screamed as the scissors he'd been stabbed with were pressed further into his chest.

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