Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 150.06

At least it got them advanced up the waiting list as a gaggle of nurses and orderlies hurried over to assess the damage and move Grady to an examination room. He was in silent shock but Mandy Cotman pointed to DC Acton and began shouting “Police brutality. You all saw it. You're all witnesses.”

None of the other people in the waiting area answered her. Even those who had filmed the incident on their mobile phones found something interesting on the floor that required an intense stare for the couple of minutes of her ranting. Acton looked back at White, who shrugged. He'd make a witness statement but if Grady pressed charges the Chief Superintendent would throw Acton under the bus to counter any accusations of misconduct.

He twisted to look up at Beryl, who was shaking her head at the commotion, thankfully winding down at this point. “Let's get out of here, love, before we get embroiled in witness statements.”

“I can't believe she did that.” Beryl began pushing the wheelchair toward the double doors. “He could have been killed. He still might, for all we know.”

“At which point she'll be prosecuted for unlawful killing.” White swallowed, his saliva tasting like bile. “Which would be a waste of a damned fine officer.”

“Still...” Beryl's heels clicked against the hospital's vinyl tiled floor. “She should have told them to stop, at least.”

“And they shouldn't have been trying to escape and she shouldn't have left them to talk to me.” He looked to the side to see a poster warning people to wash their hands. “So it's quite possibly my fault. I should go down to the station and turn myself in.”

Beryl leaned over him, her face a mass of scowls. “Cameron White? You will do no such thing.”

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