Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 151.02

“Ah, well.” Frederick waved a hand dismissively. “Never swallow, only spit, as Mama used to say.”

“Uncle!” Harold felt physically sick at the implication his two year old daughter had done anything like that.”

“What?” Frederick looked genuinely confused. “She should put less toothpaste on the brush, then there's less temptation to swallow. You know they put soap in toothpaste to make it foam? No wonder she's got a dicky tummy, poor lass.”

“How did you get 'toothpaste' from 'demons'?”

“Oh, demons? I thought you said 'Denton's'. We used to get that when we were kids, your mum and I. Funny stuff. It came in a tin like shoe polish, only white, and you had to make sure your toothbrush was dry else it went all clumpy.”He frowned. “Why would Lucy be eating demons?”

“She's a direct descendant of Legion, it turns out. Has the ability to hold demons inside her without fear of possession.”

“That's a handy skill to have. She could be an exorcist.”

“Only if she becomes a Catholic and think the doctrine would annoy her.”


“She'd know where it was wrong but if she dared point it out – and this is Lucy we're talking about, remember – they'd excommunicate her.” He frowned. “Besides, she can't become Catholic. They don't allow women.”

“That's just the priesthood, I think you'll find. The Catholic church rides of the backs of old women.”

Harold grinned. “And altar boys, I'm told.”

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