Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 151.06

“She should go to Heaven. There aren't any people screaming there.”

“There's all that singing though.” Harold grinned but Lucy was oblivious to the sarcasm.

“What do they sing in Heaven?”

“Hymns, I expect.” Harold used to go to church when he was a child. He used to go even when his mother didn't, enjoying the sense of camaraderie and the increased rate of interest offered by Reverend Sandy's Christmas club. “Though since Heaven was invented long before Christianity I expect they're all in Aramaic.”

“Do they sing new songs, though?”

Harold used his hand to brush as many dry cocoa puffs into her bowl as he could reasonable save, then began mopping the table. “I couldn't say, love. You'd have to ask someone who knows. We used to have a friend who was an angel, but we haven't seen him for a while.” He paused. “I'll have to ask Jasfoup what happened to him.”

“I think God would make them sing new songs. It must get really boring having the same things sung over and over for thousands of years.”

“We'll never know, love. The mind of God is ineffable by definition.”

“What's ineffable?”

“It means something which can't be put into words. Unexplainable.”

“Oh.” Lucy frowned and returned to chasing a cocoa puff, completely ignoring the ones Harold had scooped into her bowl. “That's what it means.”

“What, darling?”

“When we were in that place with Mummy and Dill yesterday he was talking to himself in different voices. One voice said he'd like to give Mummy one and the other said she was in F-able. What did he want to give her?”

Silently, Harold seethed. It hardened his resolve to be rid of Sam one way or another. “A box of chocolates, I expect.”


“Women like chocolates. You like chocolate, don't you?”

“Yes.” She ate the grain of cereal. “Will he give me one?”

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