Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 151.09

“I meant 'please' not 'summon a demon to give you something I wouldn't.'”

“Is summoning a demon bad?”

“Er...” Harold looked to his uncle for assistance but Frederick was still absorbed in the show, though he suspected it was more to do with the scantily clad dancers than who the awards were being given to, though Frederick watched far more television than he did so the names might mean something to him. He looked back at Lucy's earnest face, gazing at him as if her were the Oracle at Delphi, about to foretell the future. “Well, for normal people, yes. Normal people get to choose their ultimate destiny and for them, summoning anything, be it demon or ghost; imp or Flying Spaghetti Monster would channel then into an eternity of damnation.”

“But we aren't normal people, are we?”

“No. Not exactly. We're all part-demon, related to demons, made pacts with demons or whatever, so we're already damned. We can't be damned any further than we already are.”

“Can I have another biscuit then?”

“You're different. You have the potential to be greater than your parents. You have so much of the elohim in your genetics you could become the first person to go to Heaven in over two centuries. You have to keep the smut from your soul.”

“No biscuit?”

“Here.” Harold handed her a Lincoln from the cupboard. “You can have a biscuit if you promise not to summon Devious any more.”

“I promise.”

“Good.” Harold smiled at her. “At least I know that one hasn't been under an imp's loincloth.”

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