Friday, July 12, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 152.05

“Oh.” She seemed surprised. “Well then.” She bent to kiss him on the cheek, the sauce bottle held out of the way lest it drip on his clothes. “I expect it's a nice change from all that greasy food you usually consume.”

“Yes.” He smiled around the first bit. He still hadn't managed to get it all down yet and there were at least a dozen left of the plate. “It's certainly a change.”

“I'm glad. What would you like for lunch? Dinner? I might have to nip out to the supermarket if it's something exotic, mind.”

White tried to remember the contents of the freezer but it was so long since he'd ventured in there he couldn't even visualise the drawers. “How about a bit of roast beef? That's not too bad for me, is it?” With any luck she'd go out and he could take the opportunity to check in with Peters.

“Not if I get a lean joint. It's certainly less fatty than pork or lamb.” She frowned. “I can't do my lard roasties, though. I'll have to pick up some oven baked ones. What vegetables would you like?”

“Peas.” He didn't have a problem with peas. “Or broad beans, if you can get them yet.”

“I can get frozen.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Will a sandwich do you for lunch? I can do you another omelette if you like.”

“No.” White realised that might have been a bit forceful and smiled to take the sting off it. “I've got to watch my cholesterol, haven't I? Perhaps cheese? Or tuna?”

“Of course.” Beryl rose. “Another cup of tea?”

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