Monday, July 22, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.01

Jasfoup consulted his Bloodberry. “Edward Skywalker Hislip. Born eleventh March nineteen ninety-two. He's got a catalogue of minor sins ranging from coveting his neighbour's wife – and a few other people's – to the worship of other gods. That sends him down for eternity right there and no argument about it.”

Harold shook his head. “It does seem a bit unfair, this system of sin tallying. How is anyone supposed to avoid Hell when every thought is monitored and tallied?”

Devious gesticulated with the remains of his piece of bread, trails of green topping hanging from its surface. “Confession is good for the soul.”

“All very well when you actually get a chance to confess. How many people have enough warning for that?”

“The well-off, obviously.” Jasfoup looked up from his mobile. “There's nothing in here about his death so either young Mr Metcalfe was telling the truth or Mr Hislip has turned without death.”

“Harold tightened his lips. “Which is of course a sin.”

“Of course. You can't enter a period of post-terminal existence without applying for a PM four-twelve licence.”

“Do I have one of those?”

Jasfoup snorted laughter through his nose. “Of course not. You're not dead yet.”

“Yet? Huh.” Harold turned his nose up. “Where do I get one from should I desire to continue life after mu unexpected and untimely demise?”

“You just have to ask for a license.”

“And do most people?”

“No, of course not.” Jasfoup leaned in and lowered his voice. “To be honest, it's not something we generally advertise. Who wants a horde of undead wandering about proving the existence of God, eh?”

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