Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.03

Jasfoup's smile was genuine, Harold could tell. Even a double-entenre, when intended, was another nail in the coffin of eternal damnation. He giggled. Giggled. Harold had never, to his recollection, heard the demon giggle before. Laugh, guffaw, chortle, snigger and smirk but never giggle. Giggles were for lunatics and flirting women. Oh, right. He stopped his introspection just in time to see Jasfoup running his fingers up Eddie's shirt. He shifted back to using the Sight. That made the scene look like something from a farce. Jasfoup's elegant female hands once ore became the gnarled claws he knew and loved. The soft, feminine features became the double-jointed reptilian jaw with the triple row on needle-sharp teeth, the deep red eyes boring into the mortals like the cherry-red fires of an active volcano.

“Why don't you invite me in?”

“Yeah, sure.” Eddie backed up, opening the door wide to accomodate what he probably thought was the best thing to ever happen to him. “What about your friend?”

“Hmm?” Jasfoup pretended he'd forgotten about Harold and looked round in surprise. “Oh, Harold? Just show him to your kitchen and he'll keep himself occupied for hours. Don't worry about Harold. Harold does what he's told, don't you sweetie?”

“Of course.” Harold gave a slight incline of his head. “But we shouldn't be wasting the gentleman's time, should we?” He emphasised gentleman, certain Eddie was not the possessed man they'd assumed.

“Oh it's fine. No problem.” Eddie hesitated, wanting them to come in before they changed their minds. “Come in, please.”

“Oh, please, is it?” Jasfoup entered the house. “I do love a man who begs.”

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