Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.04

“That wasn't really a beg.” Harold followed the demon into the house. “It was more a common courtesy generally applied to social interaction.” He looked down for Devious but the imp was no longer behind him. Actually, he couldn't remember when he last saw him. It was almost as if the imp vanished whenever Harold didn't need him. He closed the door and trooped into the living room. Actually, that was true of most things including Jasfoup and, now that he'd left home, his mum. It was almost as if he was Bagpuss, and everything went to sleep when he did.

In the living room, Jasfoup was stroking Eddie Hislip's chest. Harold deliberately kept his vision and Jasfoup's preferred range. Watching him as a woman was bad enough. Seeing him as the demon he was showed his claws reaching through the metaphysical layers that made up the mortal's form and twanging the spiritual sinews that kept his soul attached to his body. Somewhat disturbing, to say the least. “Don't tease the gentleman, Jasfoup.”

“Teasing? Who's teasing?” Jasfoup smiled. “I can feel the presence of a troubled spirit. Close by. Very close.” The demon let go of Hislip and pushed him away. “Is there anyone else in the house?”

“Only my brother.” Eddie smiled, trying to catch Jasfoup's hand and return it to his chest. Or perhaps a bit lower. “Don't worry about him, though. He's asleep.”

Harold looked at his watch. “Asleep? It's almost midday.”

“Yeah. He got into my...” Eddie grimaced. “What charity did you say you were collecting for? All souls?”

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