Friday, July 26, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.05

“I said we were collecting on behalf of all souls. I never mentioned a charity.” Jasfoup clicked his fingers. “Did you find it?”

Devious nodded. “Yes, Sir. The stash isn't even hidden which, while stupid, makes a pleasant change from sorting through underwear drawers. There's a boy with a dislocated spirit up there but he hasn't been evicted by a demon. Not yet anyway.”

Eddie looked to where Jasfoup was facing but by his lack of reaction couldn't see Devious. “Who's he talking to?”

Harold made something up on the spot. “Ether radio connection.” He was quite pleased with that. Total rubbish, of course but close enough to the truth to sound plausible.

“Really? I've read about those. That's really high tech.”

“Yes.” Harold smiled briefly, more for his invention being so plausible Eddie didn't want to admit never having heard of it rather than to reassure the man.

Jasfoup ignored them, directing his words only to Devious. “Is he dead?”

“Actually, no. It's a surprise, because Amanda Brinkley was blasted out of her body just by inhaling the ambient smoke from the flat below and this lad deliberately inhaled the smoke directly and yet is still attached to his flesh. Not that it helps him, because although he's technically alive his spirit is awake and aware inside a comatose body. He'll go insane very shortly unless we release him.”

“Does he have any hope of regaining control?”

“Not from what I can see. Best result for him would be to be cut free.”

“Oh dear.”

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