Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.07

Jasfoup raised an eyebrow. “Whyever would he do that? All natural, is God's little pain reliever. If more people smoked it as a matter of course there'd be a lot less trouble in the world. He patted Eddie's chest with a slim, well manicured hand. “You smoke as much as you like, old son.”

Harold wondered if Eddie's infatuated smile would remain if he gained the Sight for just a moment. He's see past the illusion of feminity, past the illusion of a handsome European man with skin the colour of cappuccino that was Jasfoup's usual presentation to the world, past the bland mannequin-like form that was the demon's final illusionary defence to the grey scaled, red-eyed, toothed and tentacled nightmare that was the demons true form. He'd probably lose the erection Harold could see bulging from the mortal's trousers.

Devious reappeared, taking no notice of Eddie's increased heart rate and pheromone level. “All done, sir. He'll act a bit oddly to anyone who knows him, but young Jared with soon assimilate the memories of his host and act like normal.”

“Excellent. Thank you.”

Eddie leered. “You're welcome.”

“Of course.” Jasfoup drew back. “Are you all right? You look a little flushed.”

“Oh, more than all right.” Eddie jerked his head toward the stairs. “Would you like to be a bit more comfortable?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Your wish is my command.” He held out a hand, indicating Jasfoup should precede him to the upper floor.”

“Excellent.” Jasfoup crossed to the thermostat for the central heating and spun it clockwise. “Why does this only go up to forty-two Celsius?”

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