Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.09

“The usual sort.”

Jasfoup's smile widened but Harold interrupted before Eddie could catch a glimpse of what lay behind the delicate cupid's-bow lips and alabaster gates. “Is this your brother?”

Eddie turned, his relief at seeing Jared up and about obvious by his demeanour, though he chose to shield it from his brother. “All right?”

“All right.” Jared's upward nod was reminiscent of the action Jasfoup performed when he was multitasking and couldn't afford a microsecond for civility. Harold wondered if it was a product of being a demon (or possessed by one) or a complete idiot. Probably either, since he'd seen the same degree of taciturn social interaction all his life. Jared was the sort of person to click 'like' on Facespace posts but never actually reply. He stared at his brother for a moment. “Wassup?”

“Nuffin. Just negotiating some bedroom action.” Eddie leered and winked.

Jared looked at Jasfoup and back to his brother. “Didn't know you were that way inclined.”

“What?” Eddie's chuckle sounded more forced than celery in winter. “What you on about?”

“You and him. I never knew you were gay.”

“Gay? I'm not gay.” Eddie sounded as if he thought it was an insult and dropped down several rungs in Harold's estimation. “She's...”

“I never said I was a woman.” Jasfoup's smile was on his regular male face. “You just assumed.”

“Eddie, he's not even hu--”

“Hugely available.” Harold clapped Eddie on the back. “Though I know a man who might not be averse to a liaison or two, if that's your kick.”

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