Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 154.14

Harold shrugged. “The poor will always suffer. It's the nature of poverty. If the poor didn't suffer they wouldn't be poor. Modern society, and by that I mean most of the western world but by no means all, try to ensure welfare is available for those who can't work or provide for themselves but it's a limited budget for a huge population.” He helped himself to more of the sugar concoction. “Poor is always relative. You can go online and see the wailings and gnashings of teeth of Beverly Hills socialites who got the wrong colour Maserati for their eighteenth birthday. It's all a matter of degree.”

“But you're not poor.”

“No, nor have I ever known poverty. Not true poverty. I never went hungry, at any rate.”

“Yet there are people not five hundred yards away with empty bellies and no hope of food unless they manage to scavenge it from the discarded excesses of the rich.”

“Yes, exactly.” He glanced into the living room but couldn't see Eddie or Jasfoup. He lowered his voice anyway. “Not just humans, either. There are many denizens who starve, both physically and mentally. It's the nature of the world.”

“But why? There is abundance. Enough for the whole population of the planet.”

“You're forgetting the nature of man.” Harold pursed his lips. “It is ever the desire of man to desire more than his neighbour, and the biggest seeker of wealth is the church itself. God created man as a fallible creature, and man would rather worship the god of materialism than the god of justice.”

“That sucks.”

“Amen to that.”

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