Monday, August 5, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 155.01

Harold felt a bit odd about living in a demon in charge of a young man, despite how well they got on and how seamlessly the legionnaire had integrated with Jared's personality and memories. Eddie hadn't even seemed to notice there was anything different about his younger brother, though Harold suspected Eddie had been preoccupied with Jared's accusation of bisexuality.

More than just an accusation, apparently. Despite his return to a perfectly tailored and pressed business suit, There was a spring in the demon's step which Harold knew all too well.

“You've had sex.”

“Of course I haven't.” Jasfoup's grin belied the truthfulness of the statement. “All right. Maybe I have. But I know Eddie will deny it to his dying day.”

“But not beyond.”

“Of course not. The sin of lying with another man as if he were a woman will stain his Soul for eternity.” He sighed happily. “You've got to love the sinner, haven't you?”

“I wouldn't know.” Harold made a great show of inspecting a piece of lint he pulled from his cuff.

“Wouldn't know?” Jasfoup chortled. “Wouldn't know the difference, maybe. Everyone you've ever met is a sinner.”

“With the exception of Mum.”

“Well, yes, your Mum,” Jasfoup conceded. “Though she is part human, so the concept of sin still applies to her.”

“Have you tried telling her that?”

“Well, no. Obviously not.”

“Exactly. Sin does not apply to my mother.”

“At least, not without a written application in triplicate, three months in advance.”

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