Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 155.02

Jasfoup laughed, a high bubbling sound that Harold felt he could almost see, like the cloud-rubbing spheres of soap which used to delight him so when he was a boy. He promised himself he'd show Lucy how to make them. He wondered if it was part of Jasfoup's ongoing character development.

“Is that a new laugh you're practising?”

“Yes. Do you like it? It's part of my career objectives for this decade.”

“Was the female persona part of your objective, too?”

“Yes. How did I do?”

“It needs work.”

“I thought I was very good.” Jasfoup huffed. “At least I was consistent between dialogue and outer appearance.”

“But it all went to pot when Jared appeared.”

“I couldn't help that, could I? A demon sees a demon. Besides, I got a result, didn;t I?”

“We're supposed to be stamping out the last of the Manoarchian zombies, not creating Legionnaires.”

“Another demon roaming the earth undetected and a Leviticean mortal sin. I call that a double win.”

“You should have taken Eddie out for lobster. You could have had a triple.”

“Ooh, good one. I'll have to remember that. I wonder how many mortal sins I could pack into one date.”

“Quite a few, I should think. Gluttony, unclean creatures, lust, false idols...” Harold grinned. “And if you argue about the bill afterwards, avarice.”

“Brilliant.” Jasfoup clapped him on the back. “And if I can get him to renounce God and murder his parents, so much the better.”

You might need a second date for that one. I've never met anyone who would commit murder after one date. Not without the object of the date being the victim.”

“How about Janet Forsythe? She had one date with you and committed suicide.”

“Twenty years later. I hardly think the two events were connected.”

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