Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 155.06

The old man looked from Harold to Jasfoup and back again. “You don't look like policeman.”

“We're a special unit.” Jasfoup's eyes glittered, and Harold could swear he caught a glimpse of blue shimmering across the demon's body. He wondered what the old man thought his companion looked like. Certainly not a creature from the Pit with scales and a triple row of needle sharp teeth. “I believe you found something unusual?”

“Liz found an ear in the garden.” He shuffled backwards, allowing them entry to the house.


“My daughter. She was putting out some washing and found it by the compost heap.”

“May I see it? The ear, I mean, not the compost heap.”

“It's in here.” The old man picked up a margarine tub from the sideboard and passed it to Jasfoup. “We didn't know whether to report it or not.”

“You did the right thing.” Jasfoup peeled off the plastic lid and stared at the contents.

Harold leaned over. A ear, speckled with dirt, nestled among the scrapings of Not Butter.

“Are you on a diet at the moment at all? A fondness for health food and dried fruit?”

“Not me, no.” The old man chuckled. “You wouldn't catch me eating any of that foreign muck. My daughter, though... She's always on a health food fad or new diet.”

“I thought as much.” Jasfoup reached into the carton and picked up the ear. He bit off a portion and chewed slowly. The look on the old man's face was priceless. Jasfoup held up the remains of the ear. “This is a dried apricot.”

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