Monday, August 12, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 156.01

“What are you up to, I wonder?”

Dill jumped at the hollow tones of Frederick and turned to see the ghost trying to stab the keys on one of the mobile phones acting as an online backup for Orias, should the government elect to close down his internet connection.

“I'm downloading and installing a complicated program.”

“Ah. I did wonder.” He peered at the thirty-two inch HDTV screen Devious had procured before they all went out zombie hunting. “Does it play cartoons?”

“No.” Dill frowned. “What sort of cartoons?”

“Anything, really. Kid's cartoons. Animé. Animated features.” His mouth shifted into a rueful smile. My whole life seems to have become watching the television. There's not much else you can do when the heaviest thing you can lift is a pencil, and even then you can't write with it.”

Dill regarded his hands. The flexibility in his joints denied the realism. Not that realism could be reasonably attributed to a plasticine figure, but still. He realised the ghost had stopped talking and looked up. “Animé? I could download something for you.”

“Would you? That'd be kind. Harold used to bring me DVDs bu he's been a bit busy lately.”

“DVDs? That's a bit twentieth century, isn't it? You should have a media centre and a downloading account.”

“Is that what you use?”

“Um...” Dill didn't. He and Sam used to download everything illegally, piggybacking off the wifi signal from the woman upstairs. It wasn't like she needed it all. He reached forward and did a quick search for CloudWatch Online. “Sort of. I could build you a server, if you like. If you can manipulate a TV remote you can watch the sum of the worlds television and cinematic output.”

“Would you really? For me?” Frederick grinned. “Marvellous.”

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