Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 156.03

“Hold on a moment, then. If he pays a subscription for Armageddon Online...” Dill pounded at the keyboard for a minute or two. “It shouldn't take me long to hack into their servers and retrieve his payment information.”

“Hacking? Isn't that illegal? You'll have to emigrate to Russia now, won't you? A refugee from the police state.”

“Only if I was an American. If they convict you of hacking in Britain they send you to prison for seventy years. Better to kill someone than to use the credit card information they left casually online. You can be out in fifteen years for killing someone. Eighteen months if you claim it was a 'Stand Your Ground' defence.”

“Only if the person you killed wasn't white.”

“True, yes. Good point.” Dill turned to give Frederick an admiring nod. “And there's always the society argument. Violent computer games make people violent.”

“I've heard that.”

“Only because it's a knee jerk reaction from pudgy white politicians and shrewish church spinsters. Actually, there's evidence that the opposite is generally the case. Violent computer games make people less violent by allowing them to act out their aggression in a safe environment, the same way you used to get kids to take up boxing.”

“Only if you thought you could make money out of them.”

“Another good point. It only illustrates how the legal system treats crimes they don't understand. As far as British Justice is concerned hacking into a server which holds credit card information deserves throwing the young hacker – and they're always young because it takes real dedication to keep up with the ever-changing code – into a prison full of murderers and rapists and never, ever let him out again because they can control the thing you're most scared of.”

“And what's that?”


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