Friday, August 16, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 156.05

“The multiverse theory? Really?” Dill returned to his typing. “Honestly, if I thought the multiverse theory was true I've be terrified of slipping into the wrong one by accident.”

“You and me both.” Frederick muttered. “I dread what will happen every time Harold goes into the demon tunnels. Who knows where they really go, eh? Devious say they go to every point in the world like a three dimensional elevator shaft but if they can do that, what else can they do, eh? Who's to say that the next door they go through isn't just in Clapham but a Clapham where the world never stopped fighting the second world war, or where the Cold War actually resulted in the bombs going off. And who's to say the Harold we know and love--”


“Well, tolerate in your case but I love him. He's my nephew, remember. I've known him since the day he was born.”

“Of course.”

“So who's to say he's the same Harold he was before he started messing about with demons and dead people. Begging your pardon, obviously.”

“No offence taken.”

“Thank you. For all I know, Harold isn't the Harold who was born here, but some alternate Harold from the time Apes buried the Statue of Liberty.”

“Um... That's from a film, I think.”

“But where did they get the idea from? That's the question, isn't it?” If ghosts could sigh, Frederick did exactly that. He deflated slightly. “Perhaps somewhere there's a me who didn't die.”

Dill regarded him thoughtfully. “You don't get to talk to many people, do you?”

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