Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 156.07

“Bingo?” Frederick's voice was hollow. Not surprising for a ghost but it still prompted Dill to check the old boy was all right. He was, he just seemed to be naval gazing. From the inside.

“Orias has cracked the card number of Harold's debit card. We can go ahead and order that Internet TV for you now.”

“Won't he be cross if we're using his credit card?”

“No. Of course not.” Dill gave him an exaggerated wink. Especially not if he never finds out.” He turned back to the keyboard and began to input a string of commands. “I'll rename the StreamTV account as 'Arm Onli” so he thinks it's another charge for his online game and mark the subscription as his. Unless he checks his bill carefully he'll just assume it's his game and nobody's the wiser.”

“I don't know.” Frederick rubbed his forehead, at least, he rubbed where his forehead would have been in life. Dill wondered if his body felt real to him. “It doesn't seem right. It feels like we're stealing from him.”

“In a manner of speaking we are, but the access will be for the whole of the house. Once I've connected a set-top box to your TV you can stream anything you like from the server, once I've set you up with a server.”

“When will that be?”

“As soon as Devious can pick me one up.”

“Ah. Good.”

“You know Devious steals everything he gets for us, don't you?”

“Yes.” Frederick looked troubled. “I don't condone theft but how else could I afford anything?”

“Oh.” Dill nodded. “That's probably the same thing everyone says when they receive stolen goods.”

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