Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 156.10

“Yes, I get that, but why? What is the Sight? What wavelength does it cover? Why do you pronounce the capital 's'? Why do people see the supernatural without seeing the supernatural?”

Frederick screwed his face up until he looked like a pig snouting the air. “Eh? I don't know what you mean, lad?”

“Well, not you so much but other supernatural beings. People could see Julie just fine, and the werewolf woman, and Gillian, Lucy, Harold... Why couldn't they see the supernatural part of them?”

“All those people are nephilim, with powers on the inside that emerge only when needed. Ordinary fold can see them just fine because they see the human part of them. They see the supernatural part, too, if they're unlucky.”


“If you were mortal, you really wouldn't want to see the vampire half of Gillian. Not if you wanted to live longer than another minute or two. The same with Felicia, though people think she's a big dog when she's in full wolf form. Harold and Julie are mages, so you'd only see their supernatural side if they were actually performing a spell and Lucy...” He shook his head. “God knows I love her but I'm not really sure what she is.”

“Harold says she's an angel.”

“Everyone thinks their child is an angel.”

“True, but She's got what di he call it? Elohim blood in her? She's actually more angel than human he said.”

“So I've heard, but do you know what else is more angel than human?”

“No, what?”

“A demon.”

“You think the little girl is a demon?” Dill chuckled, though it came out as more of a hoo-hoo-hoo sound from his bellows. “You've been watching too many Exorcist films.”

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