Friday, August 23, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 156.12

“Do you think that would work? I'd have to ask Harold.” Frederic frowned. “Be up to him really. He's not keen on having extra things to do.”

“Why do you have to ask Harold? You just need someone to help you with submissions and publicity. A secretary ought to do. You could hire a secretary, couldn't you?” Dill tried to remember how much a secretary earned. He wasn't sure he ever knew. “I'm sure the money could be found from somewhere. Devious certainly seems to be able to get his paw on a pound or two when necessary.”

“A secretary is no good. We've just had this discussion. She'd have to have the Sight.”

“What's wrong with that?”

“Harold would have to give it to her. Or Jasfoup. They're not generally keen on giving people the sight. Not when they're ordinary mortals.”

“There must be supernatural secretaries. Nephilim.” Dill tapped a search query into Orias. Supernatural classifieds. He huffed at the result. It was all haunted houses on craigslist and Ouija board for sale. Works perfectly. Must sell. Slight bloodstain.

“Not really. Where I going to find a nephilim willing to work as a secretary for an unknown poet?”

“Unknown, undead poet.”

“Exactly. Where Am I going to get one those from? I can't exactly put an ad in the job centre, can I?”

“No, but I might know of one looking for work.”

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