Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.07

“Rather a large one, I thought.” Jasfoup extended his hand, cautiously. “Certainly large enough not to run into you by accident, I'm sure.”

“Too right, matey.” The demon known as Sefskapoi held out his hand as well, but his fingers were curled into a fist. Jasfoup followed suit and they performed a fist bump as gentle as if they were two infants in a playground who'd watched too much outdated television. “I had to send an imp to find you. Is your Bloodberry not working?”

“Funny you should say that.” Jasfoup waved the offending machine. “We were just talking about it. Did you know Harold here,” he jerked a thumb toward him, “thinks there are little people inside phones, operating a tiny, tiny switchboard and typing out messages?”

Sefskapoi turned three of his eyes toward Harold. “This is the boss's son, isn't it? It doesn't surprise me in the least. Why did they make mortals so stupid?”

Harold wasn't sure how eyes on stalks could raise non-existent eyebrows but Sefskapoi managed it. He looked from the new demon to the one he thought his friend with some indignation. “I did not say I thought the little people inside my phone. You only assumed that's what I said because you don't understand modern electronics. You think an advance in technology it when they invent a smaller cog with more teeth.”

Sefskapoi laughed. “He has you bang to rights there, old chum. You still think a prophylactic in a packet is a live sheep.”

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