Monday, September 2, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.08

“I do not.” Jasfoup's indignation was all too false. Harold could see the colour in the demon's cheeks despite the natural heat in his blood. “Although at least if you get them fresh they're a better length than rubber ones.”

“I don't think you use them any way.” Harold folded his arms. “I still see you wandering about with that old football sock.”

“That old football sock once belonged to Eddie Charlton. Besides, you never know when one will come in handy.” Jasfoup turned back to the second demon. “What did you want, anyway, Sesk?”

“Zombies.” Sefskapoi narrowed four of his seven eyes. “I seem to have several of them on my patch. I contacted dispatch about them and they referred me to you. What What have you been doing to make abominations? And why are you herding them off your jurisdiction onto mine?”

“None of my doing, mate. You can thank Manoach for that.”

“You should learn to be a better liar, Jas.”

“I am the prince of Lies.”

“No you aren't. That was a blatant lie.”


“No. You can't just say you're the best liar in the world because it's too obvious a lie. Lies have to be believable if they're going to get any accreditation.”

“Exactly.” Jasfoup clapped him on the shoulder. “But unfortunately, the who lie about Manoarch being back is that it wasn't a lie but it is now.”

Two of Sefskapoi's eyes drooped. “You've lost me now.”

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