Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.09

Harold was reluctant to touch the Spall-demon but he steeled himself and patted the fellow in what was generally thought to be a friendly manner. Despite the appearance on a cheap cream suit, its flesh felt clammy and cold, like a tangerine jelly taken straight from the fridge. “It's simple, old chap. Manoarch was here, causing untold mischief with zombies and golems and whatnot, and not we've killed him and returned all the legionnaires to legion.” He had his fingers crossed at the last bit, fairly sure there were one or two left in the upper world in addition to the one they'd placed inside Jared Hislip. Technically the Hislip one wasn't a missing legionnairre because they'd got it through official channels.

“You? A nephilim get took out a demon house?”

“Is that what you call a man who's multiply possessed? Then yes, I did.” He hesitated a moment. “I had a bit of help, mind. I doubt I could have taken them all out on my own.”

“What sort of help?” Seskapoi frowned, his face contorting like collapsing balloon. “And did you say golems? I thought they were banned after that incident with Queen Victoria?”

“Technically it's an homunculus, but that's beside the point.” Jasfoup threw an arm around Sefskapoi's shoulder and turned him away from Harold. “Now let's talk about these zombies...”

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