Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.13

“Very droll.” Harold pulled out his phone. “Shall I call us a cab?”

“Why would you? We're not a cab.”

“Har-de-har. To get to um... Sefskapoi's patch.”

“No need.” Jasfoup pointed down. “We can use the tunnels.”

“I'd rather get a taxi.”

“On your wallet be it.”

“What about your robot?” Sefskapoi raised two of his eyestalks enquiringly. “That's have to be destroyed as well.”

“It's not a robot.” Harold looked at his watch. Five minutes, the taxi firm had said. Five minutes was three hundred seconds and he'd counted to three hundred elephants a hundred elephants ago. “Dill is a golem, a respected and well-documented member of the supernatural community and therefore allowed to continue to exist.”

“No, I didn't mean the golem. Golems are fine, although you may want to make it out of the traditional clay rather than the stuff you used. Salt dough? Why did you use that, anyway?”

Jasfoup smirked. “In case we ever got stranded with him in an infinity bubble. At least we wouldn't starve.”

Harold scowled at him. If nothing else, he'd lost count of the seconds that had gone past. “What robot, then? We don't have a robot.”

“The thinking machine?”

“Orias?” Harold looked at Jasfoup, who shrugged. “That's not a robot. It's a computer.”

“Ha.” Seskapoi folded all seven of his eye stalks below his dark glasses as the taxi appeared at the end of the street. He looked even more like Timothy Spall now, though in his Blandings role, rather than his Harry Potter one. “That's rich. Your thinking machine has a soul.”

“A soul?” Jasfoup looked at his Bloodberry and tsked. “It's still not working.”

“Yes indeed. “ The second demon held out his hand to flag the taxi. “A soul called Sam.”

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