Monday, September 9, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.15

“But that's illegal.”

“Illegal schmillegal.” The cigarette bobbed as he spoke, his accent suddenly old Yiddish. “A fare's a fare.”

“Really?” Harold shuffled his feet. “How long is it since you cleaned back here?” He picked up one of the hamburger wrappers. This looks as if it dates back to the sixties and we didn't even have McDonald's here until 1974.” He dripped it and picked up a cup. It was dry but hand a dark ring around the top as if it had been full when abandoned and had evaporated over a length of time. “And are these polystyrene cups? I thought you couldn't even buy these any more. Aren't they poisonous?”

“Only if you burn them. Poisonous fumes to you might be pure air to the next person.”

“I doubt that very much, and please drop the accent. It's very annoying.” Harold turned to Jasfoup on his right. “Aren't you going to say anything?”

“About what? It's a cab, ergo it will take us where we want to go. Let's get these three... existentially debatable mortals taken care of and finish up.”

“What about the one left on your patch? Shouldn't we take care of that one first?”

“We can't.” Jasfoup took out his Bloodberry and shook it. “Still no signal.”

“Careful.” Sefskapoi placed a pudgy, nail-bitten hand over Jasfoup's carefully manicured one. “Those things are fragile, you know.”

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