Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.18

“What?” Harold punched Jasfoup on the arm. “You might have mentioned something about that. It it any surprise they produce an army of golems and zombies when they're working for you?”

“Not me personally.” Jasfoup rubbed his arm is if Harold's punch had hurt. It couldn't have, because Jasfoup was a demon with a chitin exoskeleton underneath the illusion of skin but Hell in general, yes. We had to do something, didn't we? Humans were developing technology at an alarming rate. We couldn't keep up. If we, and I'm talking about a collective 'we' rather than any particular individual, didn't have some investment in technology you'd be able to protect yourselves from Hell in only a couple of centuries. Besides, How marvellous is injection moulding? That invention alone has saved us billions of man-hours.”

“Demon-hours, you mean.”

“No.” Jasfoup chuckled. “Honestly, do you think we'd have a free workforce of forty billion souls doing nothing but having hot baths and still do all the labouring ourselves?”

“No, but...” Harold shook his head. “What was the point of all that storming through Magelight disabling golems if you own the place yourselves?”

Sefskapoi did a double take. “You did what?”

Jasfoup held up a hand to stall his questions. “Politics.”

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