Friday, September 13, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 157.19

“You can't just rampage through our own technology division.”

“You can if you're sneaky and happen to know a back door into the facility and a man on the inside who can open all the doors for you.” Jasfoup checked his phone again. “But needless to say, after exorcising three dozen demons from the ranks of their employees, collecting the trapped human spirits from half-a-hundred golems and dismembering upwards of a dozen zombies we're not the most popular people to come waltzing through their doors.” He frowned, remembering their exit. “Which may or may not have been blown off their hinges.”

“I don't remember that.”

“Devious found some dynamite. He was quite enthusiastic.”

Harold nodded. “I think they might have enabled a 'shoot on sight' policy just for us.”

“Quite. So, no. We won't be moving ahead with the whole 'get the phone from the manufacturer' option.”

“Right you are, gentlemen.” The driver took another turn. Harold almost had a heart attack as they accelerated toward the concrete wall of the Salisbury and South Electric Company and braced himself for an impact.

The others seemed unconcerned with their impending doom and continued their conversation. Harold held his breath as they drew closer to the wall but just as they were about to collide with it the vehicle glowed with more sigils than the remake of Thirteen Ghosts and they slipped into the wall as easily as a teenage boy finding porn on the internet.

A brief moment of darkness enveloped the cab and then the ruddy streetlights of the A-nought revealed the scuffed tarmac of Good Intentions.

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