Monday, September 16, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.01


Frederick pressed a button on the remote and a menu came up. He squinted at the white lettering on a blue background until Dill showed him how to alter the colour scheme and the contrast. “That's all there is too it? I can watch any of these whenever I want?”

“Except some of the sports channels.” Dill retrieved the remote and flicked through the list to show him which channels weren't available. “I thought Harold might spot the anomaly if he suddenly started getting promotions for sports channels he had no interest in.”He gave the remote control back to the ghost.

“Good point.” Frederick flicked past several reality channels to the films.

The Exorcist.” Delirious squeaked in excitement. “Put that one on. I love a good comedy.”

Frederick scowled. “There's nothing funny about possession.”

“There is.” The imp opened a packet of buttered popcorn It was still warm from the cinema in Basingstoke he'd liberated it from. “We never even thought of the pea soup trick until they showed this film on the comedy channel.”

“I don't want to watch it.” Harold flicked past the channel. Ghost was on Movies 24 and Ghostbusters on As You Watch. “I'm sensing a theme here.”

“Keep going. You'll find something you like.”

“These are all quite old.”

You have to pay extra for the very latest films.” Dill adjusted the colour balance on the brand new forty-two inch screen. “Keep going. You'll find something.”

Oh! Curse of the Mummy.” Frederick enlarged the picture to full screen. “I saw this one when I was a kid.”

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