Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.02

“That's in poor taste, if you ask me.”

“Why?” Frederick pressed the remote control again.

His multiple button presses seemed to Dill to be a million times, the way old people do. He'd helped out on an adult's college course once, training pensioners to use computers and trying to explain the concept of clicks and double-clicks had left him with a headache. If he had to teach Frederick anything more he'd probably get another one despite no longer having a physical brain. “We spent the day before yesterday making a mummy. Nice girl. Used to live in the flat above ours.”

Frederick turned to him, the film momentarily forgotten. “We?”

“Harold, Jasfoup, me and the imps. It was very interesting. Almost formulaic.”

“Why? Why would you make a mummy?”

“Why not? Amanda was the victim of Manoach, just like me and Sam. And just like us she was a disembodied soul with a body that didn't fit any more and would have started rotting like we did. We couldn't just leave her to rot away while she was still inside there, could we?”

“Worse things have been done.”

“I can't think what.”

Frederick pointed at the television. “You could be sealed alive inside a sarcophagus.”

“That's pretty much what we did, actually, though it's only for a month or so.”

“My point is, why make a mummy when they could put you in plasticine, like you? Mummies are stiff and awkward. I can't imaging being trapped forever in the worst constraints of a human body.”

“It won't be so bad. We'll keep her supple.”


Dill shrugged. “There must be some lube for it.”

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