Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.04

Dill would have swallowed pointedly, but not being a biological being had no saliva that needed to be removed no a throat to swallow it through. “Why would she do that?”

“She's Fae.” Frederick stared at the television as if his statement explained everything.

Dill had to walk around him to regain the old man's attention. “What sort of an answer is that? 'She's Fae'? What does that have to do with killing cats?”

“Fae have incredibly long lives when they're on their home plane. You must have heard the stories about people who walk into fairy mounds for a single night but emerge a hundred years later.”

“Fairy mounds are portals to another world?”

“Another plane. Set in the same space as this one just different.” Frederick looked up at what appeared to be a cobweb on the ceiling. “It's be daft to think of it as another world. That's be like Mars of Jupiter.”

“Jupiter is a gas giant.” Dill's response was automatic as he pondered the possibilities of a multiverse. He'd heard the theories, of course, in everything for Einsteinian Physics to Moorcock's Eternal Champion but this was the first he'd heard of such calm assertiob it actually existed. “What has a multiverse theory got to do with Ada killing cats? She seems such a nice old lady.”

A nice old lady who summons demons for sexual gratification.” Frederick grinned. “She did a good number on you, didn't she? You shouldn't let appearances fool you so easily. She's fae, boy. She might look as if she's in her sixties but really she's in the prime of her youth.”

And the cats?”

If she remained in Faery she'd stay young forever but travelling out of the realm and staying outside the realm ages her. Drinking the spirits of creatures keeps her young.”

“So she's evil?”

I never said that, lad. She's Fae. She has different ethics to humans.”

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