Friday, September 20, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.05

What's that supposed to mean exactly?”

It's the nature of things. All sorts of creatures kill other creatures. Would you say a lion was evil because it kills an antelope? Is a bear evil because it eats fish? Is a cat evil because it eats mice and birds?” Frederick's mouth tightened as he thought about the myriad cats that lived in the environs of the manor. Egyptian Sphinx cats that Gillian had bred to adapt to the cold of an English winter. If ever a cat looked evil it was them. Devious the imp and his sons looked more loveable than those cats and they ate anything that moved. Birds, mice, rats, spiders, fish... He'd seen them take down a dog once. Its owner was livid but he'd been on private property with his dog off the leash and it had run across the mausoleum lawn. What did he expect, honestly? It helped that Gillian had been a solicitor. His claim has festered for months while it ate court fees then Gillian had counter-sued for trespass.

No, I get that. It's just so incongruous. I thought she was a lovely old lady. A bit strange, perhaps, but very helpful. When I met her she was playing with a spider homunculus made of plasticine. It was like watching your gran use a computer for the first time.”

This is my sister you're talking about, you know.”

Yes, but...” Dill hesitated as the implications of the old man's statement rolled through whatever passed for a brain in his play-dough head. “Does that mean you're a Fae, too?”

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