Monday, September 23, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.08

Dill would have grinned if he could. He hadn't been a great one with the ladied when he was alive and now that he wasn't, he didn't see a great amount of opportunity for it in the future. Even considering he was interested which wasn't a given now he was no longer a slave to biological desires and motives. “Oh? Do tell.”

“There's nothing to tell, really.” Frederick turned the sound down on the television, much to the imp's disgust. “Ada and I grew up here. It was still a proper house in those days. Father was well off. He inherited both the house and a considerable amount of wealth from his family though I'm sad to say he frittered most of it away. Mama left when I was twelve and Ada only nine and--”

“Wait. Your mother left you when you were so young? What happened?”

“Father.” Frederick made a disgusted expression. “He knew Mama's nature, you see, but since he was mortal wasn't allowed to enter Fae.”

“Why not? I thought fairies likes to entice humans into their realm?”

“For a night, yes, but not permanently. Mortals are so tedious. They bore easily and one has to keep them entertained. And fed. Fae don't eat mortal food so it all has to be imported.”

“So the great feasts..?”

“All illusion. They fade with the first light of morning, giving rise to the saying 'Never trust a fairy cake.”

“I've never heard anyone say that.”

“Is that my fault?”

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