Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.09

“No but...” Dill changed tack. “I get why people -- mortals, I mean – fall for the fae. Who could resist the lure of the exotic, the ethereal beauty of women who stay forever young...”

“And men, of course. There are just as many fae men.”

“Right, okay, so I can understand mortals loving fae, but what do fae get out of it? Why do fae lure mortals into their realm? Do they consume their souls like you said your sister was doing with cats?”

“No.” Frederick managed to spit out the word. His look of disgust was akin to an old Baptist lady watching Two Girls, One Cup on a church coffee morning. “That would be barbaric.” It took him a moment or two of Boris Karloff straight-arming a few peasants to calm down. “No. Fae live a long time. Hundreds of mortal years. Thousands, even. Faery was old before the flood ever happened. They sheltered the nephilim, as it happens, which is why they no longer allow mortals into their realm, but that's another story. The fae take mortals into their own land for entertainment. The thoughts in a single mortal's head can keep them entertained for years.”

They suck their brains out?”

Don't be ridiculous. Didn't I just say the fae don't harm mortals?”

“No, you said they don't eat them.”

Oh, that's right.” Frederick frowned. "They just copy their memories for entertainment.”

“That's all?”

Yes.” He smiled. “Oh, and sometimes they steal mortal children.”

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