Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.11

Dill ignored him. “So all these creatures live in Faery?”

“Pretty much.” Frederick glanced at the television again. The two men were dragging the heroine out of the pyramid and it was collapsing behind them in the manner of action films. He should go into pyramid building. His traps would start at the entrance and work backwards, preventing anyone from escaping. “Not all of them are native, though.”

“I thought you said the Fae didn't like immigrants?”

“They don't. I should say that not all the inhabitants are true Fae, though they're often naturalised species.”

Dill shook his head. It felt like he was shaking his head, anyway. “I don't follow.”

“The nephilim I told you about? The ones they sheltered? They mated with the Fae. It's hard to resist a nephilim, as I'm sure you've discovered even in the short time you've been part of our world.”

“There are some attractive women, certainly.” Dill thought about it a little more. “Until they show their fangs, anyway.”

“There you go. Anyway, nephilim don't always breed true, so the combination of nephilim and fae gave rise to the whole slew of under-fae. Trolls, goblins, pixies, hags and so on.”


“Not elves. They're a separate species entirely.” Frederick dismissed any further discussion about the elves with a wave of his hand. “So to answer your question, I didn't want to go to Faery when I was offered the choice and I didn't want to extend my youth by consuming the spirits of lesser creatures so I got old.” He gestured at himself. “And then I died.”

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