Friday, September 27, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.12

“Living as a mortal makes you mortal? That sucks.”

“Does it?” Frederick looked down at himself. “I don't do so bad, I suppose. I became a ghost.”

“How?” Dill raised play-dough arms. “I mean, I didn't even notice when I died. First sign I had was when I went to the loo and my intestines fell out. Aren't you supposed to get a long tunnel with a light at the end?”

“Not me. I did see a staircase made of white light but by the time I gathered my tobacco it had gone again and I was stuck on the prime material plane.”

“Prime material plane? Isn't that from Dungeons and Dragons?”

“Yes. I used to play with Harold. A long time ago now. I doubt he even remembers.”

“You never forget.” Dill remembered many happy hours spent with paper and polyhedral dice. “Wait, though. You said you're fae. Do the fae go to Heaven?”

“I wouldn't have thought so. Heaven is notoriously xenophobic. So much so, they rarely even accept human souls.”

“But what was the staircase to then?”

“Who can tell?” The ghost shrugged. “I never went up it. Perhaps it went to Faery.”

“Or to Hell.”

Frederick frowned. “Possible but unlikely. Hell is xenophobic too, though to a lesser extent. They accept all humans plus a few nephilim, devils, demons and Fallen angels. More likely it was my mind trying to make sense of my body shutting down, a flare in the visual cortex as my physical brain died.”

“Are you content as a ghost? Wouldn't you rather be a golem?”

“We are what we are, lad. There's no denying our nature, is there?”

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