Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 158.14

“I can't believe that.” Dill spread his fingers and stared at them. “I can put a spirit into a little plastic and glass cube and install it into any housing I like. Infinite diversity. With a little start-up capital I could make indestructible bodies for anyone rich enough to afford them. Imagine the military applications for machines that were actually sentient. Living tanks that could be sent out on solo missions. Make the spirit housing sturdy enough and you could have sentient bombs capable of infiltrating enemy installations. We could have sentient miniaturisation. Antimatter bombs the size of real ants and as mobile and autonomous as a crack commando.”

“And you don't see anything wrong with this idea?” Frederick shook his head. “This is exactly why Roberts’ Treatise on Animated Figures was broken up and hidden in the first place. Look at the trouble its caused already and you want to bend it to twenty-first century technology? This is Armageddon in a hand basket.”

Dill took a step forward. “Not if you're the first to deploy it. First thing you do is send out autonomous drones to infiltrate all the munitions stockpiles, mobile weapons platforms and missile silos in every country except your own and then you detonate them all at once. Boom! No more threat of nuclear war. No more dictatorships. No more cold war or soldiers fighting in the middle east. World peace in one fell swoop.”

“At what cost, lad?” Frederick looked at the television, where the end credits of the film were scrolling past the image of a burning pyramid. “At what cost?”

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