Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 159.09

The sales assistant looked at him coldly, chitinous feelers raised in an arc that screamed 'disinterested' in the manner of a Waitrose shop assistant faced with a shopper brandishing a money-off coupon. “Must I help you?”

“Yes, you must.” Jasfoup flashed his soul collection identification card. Harold only managed a quick look at it but it was enough to see the demon looked nothing like he did now. So unlike, in fact, that Harold actually wondered if it was Jasfoup's own card or one he'd borrowed. The demon pulled out his bloodberry. “It won't pick up a signal any more. I think it might have died.”

The sales assistant made no move to take the phone from him and merely looked down its proboscis when Jasfoup placed it squarely on the counter between them. “Do you have the service contract?”

“Not on me, now. It's four hundred pages long. It's not like I carry it around with me, is it?”

“What you do or do not carry is no concern of mine...sir.” The man looked at him with disdain. “I can't even look at it until I've seen the service contract.”

“Fine.” Jasfoup picked it up again. “I'll take a new one then.”

“Excellent choice.” He drew a large tome from beneath the counter. “I'll put you on the waiting list, shall I?”

“Waiting list? Don't you have any in stock?”

The sales assistant made a whistling sound through the bony structure on the top of its head. Harold took it to be either alarm or laughter. “Good heavens, no. There's a three month wait.” He opened the book. “At least.”

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