Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 159.10

“Pfft.” Jasfoup looked at the suspiciously thick waiting list. “I'm an important demon, you know. Couldn't we work something out here? A you-scratch-my-back sort of policy?”

“I hardly think that would be appropriate, sir.” He picked up a quill and opened the book to a new page. “What name is it?”

“Ja...” Jasfoup coughed. “Waterman. Harold Waterman.”

The quill had reached the end of 'Water' before the the sales assistant reacted. He paused, all but dragging the – Harold wanted to say 'goose feather' but it probably had never heard of a goose and would deny even having come from a bird when questioned – nib away from the paper. “The Harold Waterman?”

“He is, yes.” Jasfoup jerked his thumb in Harold's direction. “You've heard of him, I see?”

“Is there any creature this side of the Frozen Abyss who hasn't?” The sales assistant turned to Harold and reached for his hand. Harold couldn't decide if it was a limb, a hand or a tentacle but it felt like he was being caressed by a warm blancmange. It was not entirely unpleasant. “How very good of you to grace our humble abode with your presence.”

“Charmed, I'm sure.” Harold shot a querying glance to Jasfoup. “Er... how do you know me?”

“By your subtlety and wit.” The sales assistant bowed.

Harold beamed.

“After all, we have to be wary of offending anyone who lies like you do, sir.”

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