Monday, October 14, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 160.01

Dill sat in front of Orias, his play-dough fingers resting lightly on the keys. Information scrolled past on the screen, news media and mentions of zombies across the internet on a live streaming meta search of the noun, though little of it interested him. In his youth (Youth? He classed 'youth' as being a little over a week ago, when he was still alive and the most worrisome thing on his mind had been the looming deadline for a piece of coursework and the possibility of seeing Amanda Brinkley in her underwear, thanks to a simple hack on her laptop to activate her webcam) he'd loved zombie movies, zombie books, zombie comics but when he actually became one of the shambling undead (though he'd never actually shambled he had gone as far as walking with a limp) the novelty of the scenario had paled somewhat.

“Sam?” He spoke aloud, despite his conviction that his former flatmate (and now flatline mate, ha-ha) was actually sharing whatever passed for his brain. “Are you there?”

His fingers twitched. A new window popped up with a text editor and without any conscious thought on Dill's part words began to appear.

Alright, Mate? Not sure what's going on, tbh. Preferred being in the system at Magelight to being stuck in here. Not sure how to get out. Are the magic symbols all there or summat? I've tried to download into Orias a couple of times. Can you check for me, yeah?

Dill nodded. “Sure, mate. I'll have a look.”

He input the commands to activate the camera on the front of Orias.

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