Monday, October 21, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 160.08

“No they won't.” Dill worked the fish slice into his, for want of a better word, skin at a deeper angle. “You've seen what people are like. All their ugly little hates and phobias will get in the way. The people in the west will resent people in the third world being given what they perceive as their food and medicines, the Christians will rail against the non-Christians and anyone who's ever hoarded a dollar will defend his right to keep it with violence. You'll create a worldwide bloodbath.”

But I'll be saving the world. Preparing it for a new era of socialisation and altruism.

“You can't force people to be altruistic.” Dill peeled away a slice of his flesh a centimetre thick and carefully, without allowing it to touch his fingers, scraped it onto the table. He paused for a moment to see if its removal affected him physically or mentally and when it didn't, raised the implement to take a second slice. “I think its working.”

Excellent. Why wouldn't the west want to help the third world? I thought we already did?

"By volunteers and voluntary contributions. Most people will stick a few coppers in a collection tin or fill a bag with clothes that are out of fashion but how many people will baulk at a mandatory requirement? You might happily donate a fiver a month from your wages to some charity but if it was a mandatory deduction you'd probably go on strike over it, especially if someone else was paying less.”

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