Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 160.11

He placed the stump of his arm on the table. He wasn't sure why he was holding his breath, since he had neither blood to flow nor heart to beat so he let the bellows out. Several seconds passed before he noticed nodules of dough appearing on the ends of the stump. They grew, merged, expanded...and his arm was a centimetre longer. A minute later and he'd regrown two more centimetres. As his forearm thinned it grew faster, expanding into the wrist then slowing again as it branched into his hand. The thumb seemed to grow the fastest, expanding like a tower block in time-lapse photography, but its speed was only in comparison with the rest of the hand. Once the others fingers began to grow, it seemed only seconds before they were whole again.

The hand moved toward the keyboard. That was amazing. Do it again.

“I'm worried about where the dough comes from.” Dill looked down at his body. “I suspect something has shrunk to provide the material for the new limb.”

He looked down again.

Worried you'll be a dickless wonder?

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