Monday, October 28, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 160.15

That would be annoying. A spirit could become very angry to find itself trapped in a body. Very angry indeed. No telling what a spirit might do if it was as angry as that.

“No, mate. I wouldn't make threats. Not in front of these people. They've been pretty good to us, all in all. It wasn't their fault we became what we did.”

It wasn't our fault either.

“No, I'm not saying it was.” Dill momentarily wondered if their game-playing, pizza-eating, dope-smoking lifestyle was a contributory factor but discarded the thought. “But these people didn't have to take us in, did they? They could have just left us to rot. Quite literally, as it happens.”

No they couldn't. You heard him pontificate about keeping the supernatural weirdos a secret from the general population. They were duty bound to help us so that's what they did.

“They were duty bound to deal with us, not necessarily help us.” Dill opened another browser tab and pulled a search on zombies in Laverstone. There were less reports than he was expecting, but there was a news bulletin about a lunatic in Wells who'd bitten off his wife's nose and eaten it. On a related note, there were several notes referring to unexplained deaths and a house fire which had claimed the lives of three souls. “Look. They could easily have decided to top us instead,”

But they didn't, thanks to the interference of that Julie woman, and they killed her for it.

I don't think they meant to. It was some sort of accident, they said.

And I bet they claim us being stuck inside this lump of plasticine is an accident as well.

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